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Key Competencies

Included below are some of my key competencies, which have proven to be of value to clients looking for professional advice - independent of commercial or other vested interests - in connection with their specific project:
  • I am a flexible and adaptable consultant able to work in a professional manner in a wide range of different environments ranging from city headquarters offices of large organisations on the one hand to remote village locations on the other.
  • I am able to cooperate in a constructive manner with other professionals from widely differing disciplinary backgrounds and have, on a number of assignments, successfully acted as team leader for multi-disciplinary teams.
  • I am able to work in several languages, especially English, Danish and French, and have some knowledge of other languages including German, Spanish, Bengali and Hindi.
  • I am able to see and analyse technological solutions in their wider social contexts in terms of the benefits and/or disadvantages, which they are likely to offer or present to particular target groups.
  • I am able to view and analyse a given technology in the context of the structure of the organisation in which it is currently being used (or is to be introduced) - and assess its implications in terms of organisational management and the need for resources.
  • I am familiar with the Logical Framework Analysis (LFA) method of Project Planning and have extensive experience with the use of LFA in various project contexts.
  • I am well versed in the preparation of reports on technical subjects designed to be read and understood by persons not having a detailed technical knowledge of the subject area.
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