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Detailed project references

COMESA (Common Market for Eastern and Southern Africa): Telecommunications Study
(Partly French language assignment)

Feasibility study, financed by the EU (EDF), of the telecommunications systems of the Union of the Comoros and Eritrea in order to:

a) identify feasible and reliable solutions for implementing WANs (Wide Area Networks) in each of these 2 COMESA member states that will enable customs offices throughout each country to communicate with a main server at the Customs Department Headquarters of the country concerned and thus implement a centralised ASYCUDA (Automated SYstem for CUstoms DAta) and
b) propose equipment for the solution to be implemented together with budgetary prices and implementation time schedule.

The assignment has been undertaken for Danish Management A/S in close cooperation with COMESA.

Client:  COMESA/Danish Management A/S 2009.

BASPANA (NGO), Kazakhstan: Preparation of Business Plan for Street Newspaper

The Kazakh non-governmental organisation (NGO), Association of Societies BASPANA ("Roof over a head"), works for the improvement of the plight of the large number of people who became homeless following the transition of Kazakhstan from a centrally planned to a market economy.

BASPANA plans to launch and operate a "street newspaper" intended to enhance the living standards of marginalised and homeless people, inter alia, by providing them with employment in the production and sale of the newspaper. At the same time, the newspaper would provide a vehicle for raising awareness of social problems and issues in society at large in Kazakhstan.

In connection with the preparation of an Application for Funding to the European Union for the development, launching and initial period of operation of the street newspaper, I have provided assistance to BASPANA and the Danish NGO, DanChurchAid with the preparation of the project proposal and an Outline Business Plan (including a simple financial business model) and the budget for the project.

The assignment has been undertaken in close cooperation with both BASPANA and DanChurchAid.

Client: DanChurchAid/BASPANA 2002-2003.

SONABEL, Burkina Faso: Master Plan for Telecommunications (French language assignment)

Team Leader responsible for the development of a Master Plan to address the telecommunications needs of the national electrical supply utility, SONABEL (Société Nationale Burkinabè d’ Électricité), of Burkina Faso.

The master plan, based on a detailed structured analysis of the communication needs within SONABEL and consideration of the various options available for fulfilling these needs, was developed in close cooperation with the staff of SONABEL’s Telecommunications Division and ONATEL (Office National de Télé communications), the national telecommunications operator.

Client: Danida/SONABEL 1999-2000.

Nepal Telecommunications Corporation: Support to Privatisation

Telecommunications Engineer participating in the initial planning and preparation of support to the privatisation of Nepal Telecommunications Corporation and establishment of a regulatory body in Nepal.

Client: Danida/Nepal Telecommunications Corporation/Ministry of Information and Communications, Nepal. 1996-1997.

Zimbabwe Posts and Telecommunications Corporation: Rehabilitation and Expansion of Telephone Networks

Project Manager responsible for conducting a feasibility study of the technical, financial/economic and organisational aspects of projects for the rehabilitation and expansion of the telephone cable local networks for Harare Main and Southerton exchange areas at Harare in Zimbabwe.

Client: Danida/Zimbabwe Posts and Telecommunications Corporation. 1996-97.

Indian Ocean Commission: Regional Co-operation in Training for Telecommunications (French language assignment)

Project Manager responsible for the completion of a pre-investment study and preparation of a Project Document formulating a mode of implementation of Regional Cooperation in Training for Telecommunications between the 5 Member States of the Indian Ocean Commission.

Client: European Commission/Indian Ocean Commission (The Islamic Federal Republic of the Comores, the Republics of Madagascar and Mauritius, Réunion Island and the Republic of the Seychelles. 1996 - 1997.

Zimbabwe Posts and Telecommunications Corporation: Public Telephones Project

Project Manager responsible for leading a multi-disciplinary team undertaking the finalisation of planning and appraisal of a Public Telephones Project in Zimbabwe. Responsible for institutional/organisational aspects, coordination of the study as well as preparation of an appraisal report and project document.

Client: DANIDA/Zimbabwe Posts and Telecommunications Corporation. 1993.

Tanzania Posts and Telecommuncations Corporation: Telecommunications Cable Projects

Project Manager. Re-appraisal of telecommunications cable projects for Moshi and Tanga exchange areas in Tanzania.

Client: Danida/Tanzania Posts and Telecommunications Corporation. 1992-95.

Municipal Telephones Projects Office, Philippines: Public Telephone Project (Payphones)

Telecommunications Engineer. Identification and pre-appraisal of a payphones project for Municipal Telephones Projects Office (Public Telephone Project) in the Philippines.

Client: Danida/Dept. of Transport and Communications, Philippines. 1992.

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