Detailed project references

Diagnosis of the ICT Systems at the Headquarters of the Indian Ocean Commission, Mauritius

ICT Consultant undertaking a study to assess and diagnose the existing ICT systems within the IOC (Indian Ocean Commission) Secretariate and make recommendations for their alignment with international standards.

The study, undertaken on behalf of Danish Management A/S for the IOC under an EU Framework Contract (RICTSP), covers all aspects of ICT systems within the context of the IOC including recommendations regarding the formulation of an ICT policy, equipments and software, communications, human resources, management and maintenance of ICT systems, ICT security and training.

The study included a short mission to the IOC headquarters and subsequent report writing. (French language assignment).

Client: Danish Management A/S / Indian Ocean Commission, Mauritius. 2008

Development of a Model for Procurement of Computer Software by Public Sector Agencies

In joint cooperation with asaConsult, a model for procurement of computer software by public sector agencies together with a web-based guide (in Danish language) have been developed. This is the first phase of development of the web-based guide and forms a basis for the future development of an interactive web-based tool to provide guidance, with built-in e-governance, to public sector project staff in state level agencies involved in the procurement of custom built software for specific applications.

MJD Consulting has, inter alia, provided expertise within the area of procurement management and the procurement process.

Client: Danish National IT and Telecom Agency (under the Ministry for Science, Technology and Innovation), 2006 - 2007

Assistance to the coordinating body for hospitals in the
Greater Copenhagen area (Hovedstadens Sygehusfællesskab), Denmark:
- Procurement Contract Management Consultancy

Provided assistance to the Programme Office of the Informatics Department of the Coordinating Body for Hospitals in the Greater Copenhagen area (Hovedstadens Sygehusfællesskab) with the establishment of a Procurement Contract Management Database. The contract database, developed in close cooperation with the client’s staff includes all necessary information required for procurement contract management and follow-up of over 100 supply, development and consultancy contracts relating to the implementation of an IT-Strategy leading to a Clinical IT-work place including, inter alia, an ambitious Electronic Patient Journal project.

Assistance provided:

Client: H:S Direktionens Informatikafdelingens Programkontor, 2006.

Humanitarian Support for Tsunami affected Families of Nagapattinam District, Tamil Nadu, India:
- Organisation and Management Consultant

Providing disaster relief to fisher folk affected by the Tsunami of 26th December, 2004 in the Indian Ocean.
Provided support in:

Client: DanChurchAid/Church's Auxiliary for Social Action (CASA), 2005.

Humanitarian Assistance to Tamil Refugees from Sri Lanka in India:
- Organisation and Management Consultancy

Consultancy in organisation and management for Humanitarian Assistance to Tamil Refugees from Sri Lanka in India. In connection with the financing by ECHO - through DanChurchAid - of the Health and Nutrition component of the Organisation for Eelam Refugees Rehabilitation (OfERR - a self-help NGO staffed fully by Tamil refugees) programme for providing support and assistance to some 65,000 refugees in some 110 camps located throughout Tamil Nadu.

This assignment has included:

Client: DanChurchAid/OfERR. 2002

Huminatarian Operations in India providing Disaster Relief:
- Project Coordination and Monitoring

Project Coordinator/Monitor for a number of humanitarian operations financed by DanChurchAid and implemented by Indian partner organisations for providing disaster relief.

These operations have included:

Responsible for providing assistance during all phases of the operations from the formulation of applications for funding by DanChurchAid's back donor for these operations, the European Community Humanitarian Office (ECHO) through monitoring the on-going operations (including, inter alia, procurement) both in the field and at DanChurchAid's office in Delhi to the preparation of both interim and final narrative and financial reports to ECHO.

Client: DanChurchAid 2000 - 2003

Malawi Posts and Telecommunications Corporation:
- Support to public telephone section including development of
   Draft Policy and Strategy for Public Telephones

Project Manager/joint team leader of Public Telephone Component of support to Malawi Posts and Telecommunications Corporation (MPTC).

Specific responsibility for Organisation and Management as well as Technical aspects of the technical assistance support aimed at consolidation of the existing public telephone section, pilot testing of alternative technologies for public telephones and formulation of MPTC's Policy and Strategy for public telephones in Malawi.

Responsible for preparation of Draft Policy and Strategy document.

Client: Andersen Management International/DANIDA - MPTC. 1998 - 2000.

Second Public Telephone Project in Zimbabwe:
- Project Supervisor responsible for Monitoring the
   Implementation of the Project

Project supervisor responsible for monitoring the implementation of technical assistance for Institutional Development
( organisation and management) as well as procurement aspects of the Second Public Telephone Project in Zimbabwe.

The project objectives were to:

Client: Danida/Zimbabwe Public Telecommunications Corporation. 1995 - 1999

Second Public Telephone Project in Zimbabwe:
- Support in the Appointment of Consultants

Project Manager responsible for support to Danida in procurement management procedures for the appointment of Consultants, including pre-qualification, preparation and issuing of Tender Documents, tender evaluation, and contract negotiations for Technical Assistance for Institutional Development and Procurement in connection with the Second Public Telephone Project in Zimbabwe.

Client: Danida/Zimbabwe Posts and Telecommunications Corporation. 1994

Kenya Posts and Telecommunications Corporation:
- Chief Project Adviser to Public Telephone Service
  (Two year full time posting).

Chief Project Adviser to Public Telephone Service, Kenya Posts and Telecommunications Corporation, Kenya, advising the Manager, Value Added Services, on all management aspects of the expansion, installation, operations and maintenance of over 5,000 public telephones in Kenya.

Employer: Danida/ Kenya Posts and Telecommunications Corporation. 1990 - 1992.