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Organisation and Management

My organisation and management consultancy experience includes:

  • Capacity development (including job descriptions and training)
  • Development of policy and strategy,
  • Project coordination and monitoring and
  • Providing general management advisory support.

Some of the reference projects for which I have provided organisation and management expertise are listed below:

  • Diagnosis of the ICT Systems at the Headquarters of the Indian Ocean Commission, Mauritius
  • Development of a model for procurement of software by public sector organisations
    in Denmark.
  • Assistance to the coordinating body for hospitals in the
    Greater Copenhagen area (Hovedstadens Sygehusfælleskab):
    - Establishment of a Contract Database for supply, development and
      consultancy contracts;
  • Humanitarian Assistance to Tamil Refugees from Sri Lanka in India:
    - Organisation and Management consultant;
  • Disaster Relief Operations in India:
    - Project coordination and monitoring;
  • Malawi Posts and Telecommunications Corporation (MPTC):
    -  Support to public telephone section including development of
       Draft Policy and Strategy for Public Telephones;
  • Zimbabwe Posts & Telecommunications Corporation (ZPTC):
    - Project supervisor responsible for monitoring the
      implementation of the Second Public Telephone Project; 
  • Zimbabwe Posts & Telecommunications Corporation (ZPTC):
    - Support in the appointment of implementation consultants for
      the Second Public Telephone Project in Zimbabwe;
  • Kenya Posts and Telecommunications Corporation (KPTC):
    - Chief Project Adviser to Public Telephone Service.

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