MJD Consulting

MJD Consulting specialises in consultancy assignments in developing countries including:

  • Studies at all stages of the project cycle:

    > Pre-investment planning
    > Preparation of funding applications
    > Organisation and Management
    > Project Review and Evaluation
    > Monitoring of Project Implementation

  • Procurement Management ;
  • Technical Translation (Danish/French > English, English/French > Danish).

Professional specialisation:

 Areas of professional specialisation include:

  • Organisation and Management (including Capacity Strengthening)
  • Telecommunications - Information Communications Technology (ICT) (including access networks and services).


Profile on LinkedIn: Michael J.H. Davies


You can contact me at:

E-mail:           mjd@mjd-consult.com

Telephone:   +45 - 61 65 27 52 (cell)

I look forward to hearing from you!